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April 3, 2001 | Posted By Darren Cole

I am your number one fan, Agnehta I love you! Frida great legs!! Your show is the tops, when ever you are in the NE of England I will be there, (with a large vodka & tonic 4U)ps your just so sexy Agnetha xxxx

April 2, 2001 | Posted By Judith Silver

WOW!! What a show!, the costumes, the music and the accents, then to top it all a fabulous web site. I can hardly wait to see you again.

I will recomemmend you to all my friends, good luck for the future!

April 1, 2001 | Posted By Jimmy Mac

Brilliant show girls, at Barnstaple. I have told the good people of Reading about how good you were.

April 1, 2001 | Posted By joe harris

hi guys, your show in Jersey was just so FAB!! I lived in Sweeden, your accents had me fooled!! best Abba show I've ever seen, and i've seen loads... great costumes, i've book marked your site..love joe xxx

April 1, 2001 | Posted By nerbet

WOW. what a night out, your show was amzing.
My daughter cant wait to hear your cd, shes a big fan!

April 1, 2001 | Posted By bailey may

Te new site is excellent,almost as good as the live show!!
look forward to recieving the cd and top.

April 1, 2001 | Posted By Janine Jackson

Hey abbagirls, great gig @ barnstaple, when r u here next?
ps i've ordered the cd.