Q. May we use a microphone or two please?

A. Due too Covid infections, you cannot use any of the bands mics, However our sound engineer has loads, will only take him/her a minute or so to set them up.

Q. What happens if one of the girls or any member of the band falls ill on the day?

A. As our show is so different from any other Abba show, we cannot just pick up the phone to find a "deputy" vocalist or musician. For this reason we have on standby, (Our show is scripted and choreographed), fully trained professionals who can accommodate us in a moments notice. We also have back up with our Sound & Lighting guy. Be careful some Abba tribute bands meet for the first time at your gig!

Q. What happens if your equipment breaks down?

A. We carry two of everything. There is not one item that could fail that would prevent us from performing. Our full time professional audio engineer is fab at finding and fixing any fault. Our equipment used is new and state of the art.

Q. What happens if you vehicle break down?

A. We use a new Ford Transit fully serviced touring bus. We also belong to the R.A.C. & AA for extra back up, so one can take us to the gig and the other take us home after!

Q. What happens on the day of the gig, what do you need?

A. We like to arrive, set up and sound check before your guests arrive, we then need a room for our band to get ready in, we have to leave our civvie clothes and valuables in the room so it must be private and lockable. Often we have travelled for hours so hot food tea and soft drinks would be appreciated. It saves us leaving the venue in search of food.

Q. Can our guests dance during your show?

A. Yes. Our show is suitable for those Dancing Queen's that want to get up and boogie, or those that want to sit and be entertained, our show is very visual with loads of fab costumes and greatly choreographed.

Q. Can you play any special Abba requests?

A. Yes as long as we know before the start of the show.

Q. Can you guarantee the line up of the Abbagirls?

A. No. We do have our four full time Abbagirls the Band members, but sadly people are taken ill from time to time, and because of our work load and commitments we cannot guarantee the line-up of our "girls or boys" or crew. But we can guarantee to supply the best Abbagirls (and crew if needed) available. Therefore we may have to change the "line up" without notice. This is a rare occurrence.

Q. I don't want you setting up your equipment whilst my guest are eating?

A. Because our show is somewhat larger than an average band or duo, we would set up prior to your guests arriving. Depending on how much equipment we use it can take between 40 - 120 minutes to set up. It will then take approximately 60 minutes for the band to apply make-up and costumes Etc. We will liaise with your party co-ordinator beforehand regarding set up times.

Q. Is your show too big for our venue or is the venue OK for you?

A. If the venue is small or tight for room you would be better to book just our "Abba Girls" (Agnetha & Frida). The two girls put on a great show. But for bigger venues our band (adding Benny & Bjorn) are more authentic. In either options we will also need room for our audio engineer and his mixing desk. We will liaise and advise beforehand. Regarding venues: We have performed in a really varied type of venue. Parking near is essential, venues with stairs will need extra crew at extra expence to you, please advise us beforehand.

A "dressing room" will be required, the room will be used by just us, lockable and will be used by us after the show so we can change back to our "civvies". Often we would have travelled hours to your venue, hot food and tea and soft drinks supplied saves us leaving the venue and very much appreciated.

Q. My Nan is worried it's going to be too loud?

A. Although our equipment is powerful it is also crystal clear but we do have a volume control. We carry enough sound equipment for up to an audience of 400 with no extra expence to you. We only use what equipment is necessary on the day, it would be advisable to let us have a rough idea on how many guests you expect.

We can supply PA, stage lighting & crew for ANY event indoor or out door concerts

Q. Our venue has a really good sound & lighting rig can you use that instead of your own equipment?

A. Yes no problem our sound engineer will liaise before the event.

Q. We have a mixture of young and old: can you cater for all ages?

A. Abbagirls have played over 4500 gigs in just about every type of venue, Abba music is appreciated by all audiences.

Q. Our hall is fitted with a smoke alarm and noise limiter, will this affect you?

A. We do not use a smoke machine, and will not allow them during our performance. Venues that have noise limiters are normally set by the local council, we recommend you check with the venue beforehand but no problem we can cope with a noise limiter.

Footnote from our sound engineer: We have worked with loads of noise limiter's, our sound check will tell me the levels, never tripped one yet! also we also carry our decibel reader on all shows:

Noise levels: Whisper 20db, Tube station or Orchestra 110db, Rock band 120db, Threshold of pain 140db, Ruptured ear drum 190db & finally Death 198db!

Q. We have a stage for you but no changing room near the stage, how will you do your costume changes?

A. It's always easier for the band to have a room near the stage, but no problem we will still have a couple of costume changes which you will love.

Q. We have some great singers on our guests list, can they join you on stage?

A. No. But please talk to us before the event, in certain cases this just may be possible.

Q. It's my Sister's Birthday can you sing "Happy Birthday"?

A. Yes a pleasure, but please let us know before the start of the show...

Q. We have some awards to give out and a Fancy dress competition to judge. Will you help us?

A. Yes no problem at all. A pleasure.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book you?

A. The short answer is as soon as possible. We achieve some 200+ gigs every year, so we are pretty well sought after.

Q. The venue have told me that any act I book must have full Public liability Insurance, and safety certificates for their electrical equipment.

A. We have full £5,000,000 PLI cover... Our equipment is (PAT) tested annually, with full certificates we also check our equipment weekly. All documents are carried on gigs and can be emailed beforehand, as can our risk assessment if needed.

Q. I have another question?!

A. No problem ask us or your agent. - Contact us on [email protected]