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May 8, 2001 | Posted By Paul R

Saw u at Pontins Pakkefield last nite 6/5/01, Great show. Looked at your gig guide, what busy girls u are!
bye 4 now Paul R

May 3, 2001 | Posted By Colin

Hi Cedric, We are not booked at Cockfosters yet! but keep an eye on our gig guide, we getting close to the cockfosters groupies!!

May 1, 2001 | Posted By Cedric

When are you next in Cockfosters..? That's where me and some Abba groupies live.

April 30, 2001 | Posted By Frida & Agnetha

Sandra thank you for your kind comments, our costumes are all hand made. Two sets of boots where purhased on a recent trip to NY. But if you are ever in London check out Camden Town Market!
P.s. Thomas how rich are you?? have you plenty of money money money?

April 29, 2001 | Posted By Sandra

Girls, where do you get your cotumes and boots from? I need yor boots! fantastic show, great, fab, first class entertainment..thank you for the show..

April 29, 2001 | Posted By Thomas

Super trouper show, I'm in love with both of you!!! the best Abba show I've ever seen, what fantastic voices, so slick, so proffessional.
The costumes ....could send a man blind!! I will now be your number one fan, will you (either ne!) marry me?

April 13, 2001 | Posted By Chris

saw you last night in The 2 Sewers: fab night! Dobbie: I have all the LPs on vinyl (no, I'm not that old!) but alas, they are precious! Try one of the official Abba sites etc. See you in the Brewers...

April 13, 2001 | Posted By Dobbin

Hi Girls, another great show last night at the 2 brewers, what a fab atmosphere. Can any of you fans please help me i'm looking for the Abba album Arrival but on vinyl? please leave a message on this board if you know where I can get it. Thanx.

April 6, 2001 | Posted By Dave

Hi, I went to The Royal Albert Hall last night as I thought I was going to see the Abbagirls, but alas i saw some crap called fabba girls, man they are so bad! What a waste of money. Why do you let them use a similar name?
I will be at The Astoria on April 22nd to see YOU, you two girls are the best.

April 5, 2001 | Posted By Kim

Hi Linda all our costumes are custom made but check out Angels in London - their website is fancydress.com they have some great gear!