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September 23, 2001 | Posted By The Foxbury Ball

Our Crowd was amongst the 2,500 crowd at the Ball Saturday Night. We just had to say "Thank you for the Abbagirls" What a brilliant, excellent, fabulous night/morning out! I'm now an abbagirl fan! You had everyone one up dancing, was the place rocking or just rocking!!!
Love to both of you.
Tina, Sam, Charlie and the rest of us! xxxxx

August 22, 2001 | Posted By abi

Hi girls thanks alot for the album you sent me it was really nice of you.You are the best ABBA tribute i've ever seen and belive me i have seen some good ones.I might be coming up to scottland to see you perform at the Kendale in october.

August 20, 2001 | Posted By sasha

hi colin and girls, just thought i would let you know about chicagos rock cafe in bishops stortford, they have themed bands, like prince, tom jones, and i thought you would be good, coz people are always asking for abba!

August 7, 2001 | Posted By Tony Phillips

Hello girls, I was at The Cairndale Hotel in Dumfries over the Abba weekend. I so much enjoyed your show, WOW you too can sing, it was so much like the real Abba. Your costumes, your patter, your effects on stage was breath taking. It was such a shame you could not appear on both nights. We all felt sorry for the band on Saturday, you are quite an act to follow! We are BIG Abba fans and I must say your act is the best we have seen, and we have seen loads. Keep up the good work. All our love xxx

July 28, 2001 | Posted By mal tobias

hi kim
great website hope all is well we still need to see eachothers shows
email me love mal

July 19, 2001 | Posted By Becky Tennent

hi, just wanted to say, I saw you Friday night at Claremont Landscape Garden fete, and thought you was absolutly brilliant. Thanks for the great entertainment.

July 19, 2001 | Posted By Sophie Kimber

Hello i was @ claremont one of the kids near the front remeber me? well i just wanna say that me and my friends thought you were so good and think you were brilliant! say well done to the sound person, we thought you was the best thing at claremontso WELL DONE!!!

July 18, 2001 | Posted By Annie Adolphus

Hi there! Myself and friends saw your show at Claremont Gardens the other night...you were excellent! Thanks for a great evening and please contact me I'm dying to know when your next around!
See you
Annie xxxxx
P.s. You put on a great act! I especially love money, money, MONEY! I love to sing and dance so I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers! :)

July 15, 2001 | Posted By Hannah Lee & Chandelle Williams

Dear Abbagirls,
Chandelle and Hannah really enjoyed the show at The National Trust Claremont Festival, we thought you was exellent. So if you could call us, (we have emailed you our telephone numbers) we would love to meet you soon. Would it be possible to come on your journeys with you? becouse we are your biggest fans ever. Lots of love from Hannah & Chandelle.

July 9, 2001 | Posted By Teresa Chivers

I am the Mum of the little girl cuddling Agnetha (Helena) on your gallery page taken at Pontin's Abba weekend in Hemsby. I just want to say thank you so much for a wonderful show. Myself and my little girl loved it. She hasn't stopped talking about you - more then any of the other groups that played that weekend. She cuddled your picture all weekend - and she took it to school with her to "show and tell" the class. we are now going to frame it and out it on her wall!
Thank you so much for making my little girl very happy - keep up the good work and we hope to come and see you again soon.
love Teresa (Sophie's Mum)