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October 6, 2001 | Posted By Doug James

Hiya girls, I was at the gig last night (fri 5th october) you two are fantastic, what a great show..I bought your Cd, thank you for signing it.I played it as soon as I got home..driving my wife and kids mad! the CD is brilliant..Girls thanks for a really great night out..and Colin excellent on the sound and lights..

October 9, 2001 | Posted By Amanda Bacon

I'm a massive Abba fan...I spend all my spare time listening and going to see Abba bands. I must leave a message to say that you two girls are without any doubt the best tribute to the real Abba I have ever heard. I have seen just about every tribute band around..Bjorn Again, Abba Gold, Voulez Vouz, Abba Magic. In fact I have seen over 30 different Abba acts. Even over the last weekend I saw in Suffolk another two girl tribute! But all the other acts are just so poor compered to you two. Your voices, costumes, your whole show is really superb...Well done girls for bringing the great sounds of Abba back to life again..I will book for the Abba weekend at Pontins next July to see you again....all my love and best wishes to the two of you..Amanda xx You two are the number 1 Abba tribute show.

September 28, 2001 | Posted By Alex Bolton & Party

Re: Foxbury Ball.
I have never seen or been in a marquee as big as the one at the Foxbury Ball. What a GREAT night. You Girls are simply magnificent. A great act for a great night. We also enjoyed all the other bands and acts. A full night (and mornings) entertainment..I have been into your gig guide and will most certainly see you again soon..well done girls.

September 2, 2001 | Posted By Greg Wilson

Julie, you was wearing the Blonde Abba wig, I'm Daves mate Greg, the guy in the flower power shirt and cool flaires, I relly fancy your pal..Claire. We danced for ages She gave me her details but I've lost them..can you get her to email me?
Your right it was a fantastic night out, well done the Abbagirls and all at The Hilton Norwich. Could this be the start of a big romance???

September 2, 2001 | Posted By Julie Dent

Regarding the brilliant gig @the Hilton Hotel Norwich, the guy I was dancing with your name is Dave, your very cute thanks for the drink and EMAIL me!
What a fantastic night, best night out EVER, You Abbagirls are Number ONE.
What a show, Was every one going mad or was they just going mad..Abba lives on...

September 11, 2001 | Posted By Greg

Claire, I've tried to email you but it keeps coming back? pehaps I have the wrong address? Please email me again. I do live in Norwich..Is this the start of a big romance? Should we use Abbagirls at our wedding? should Abbagirls buy a hat?

September 10, 2001 | Posted By Claire

Greg, I've emaild you, can you email me back, I would love to meet up. I do live in Norwich do you?
It was a good night at the Hilton.

September 23, 2001 | Posted By The Foxbury Ball

Our Crowd was amongst the 2,500 crowd at the Ball Saturday Night. We just had to say "Thank you for the Abbagirls" What a brilliant, excellent, fabulous night/morning out! I'm now an abbagirl fan! You had everyone one up dancing, was the place rocking or just rocking!!!
Love to both of you.
Tina, Sam, Charlie and the rest of us! xxxxx

August 22, 2001 | Posted By abi

Hi girls thanks alot for the album you sent me it was really nice of you.You are the best ABBA tribute i've ever seen and belive me i have seen some good ones.I might be coming up to scottland to see you perform at the Kendale in october.

August 20, 2001 | Posted By sasha

hi colin and girls, just thought i would let you know about chicagos rock cafe in bishops stortford, they have themed bands, like prince, tom jones, and i thought you would be good, coz people are always asking for abba!