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April 27, 2015 | Posted By John Sarah Haynes

Dear Abbagirls, I have never missed a concert in our part of the world in Over Cambridgeshire; we have had some of the best bands and best tribute bands around. But we have never had a response like we witnessed on Saturday night to the Abbagirls, a full standing ovation at the end, screams of pure delight; you had a full dance floor from the beginning to the end. The feedback has been overwhelming. On a personal note, I am an Abba fan, I always go to see a tribute to them whenever I hear they are near, I have seen Bjorn Again, and some really dodgy duo’s performing Abba, But hand on heart you’re are seriously the best I have ever heard or seen. Pure genius performance, great choreography and a delight on one’s eyes. Continued success to you.

March 29, 2015 | Posted By Rich Makay

Hello Girls, As a gay man I was privileged to work at Canal Mill in Leeds Saturday night for Colin & Gordon’s wedding. In all my life working in entertainment (over 20 years) I have never seen such an enthusiastic response to any band like I witnessed on Saturday night. From your opening number – to your finish you had the audience in your hand – girls you rock! I’m back in the Mill cleaning up and the buzz from your show is still the highlight. In my opinion anyone celebrating a gay wedding it should be compulsory to invite the Abba Girls. Seriously you are probably the best Abba tribute in the world are you backed by Carlsberg? Much love Rich xx

March 9, 2015 | Posted By Anthony Mary Miller

Slick, professional, great vocals and harmonies, excellent guitar and keyboards, authentic costumes! We saw your band at the Manor Pavilion Theatre in Sidmouth Devon on Saturday 7th March. Without hesitation one of the best shows to grace our local theatre. Everyone leaving the theatre on a high smiling and humming the songs of Abba. Having just spent some 20 minutes going through your web site I am not surprised you have had great success, may it continue for many years to come, your show brings happiness to people. Thank you for the music!

February 18, 2015 | Posted By Heather Small

Hello Abbagirls, saw your band show recently at Barking Theatre in East London, I would have no hesitation in recommending your band. Great authentic costumes and fabulous harmonies. What a show, full standing ovation.

November 28, 2014 | Posted By Donna Wastie

Hello Ladies, Flash back to good old days at Croyde Bay Holiday village. Yes it's Donna. I hope your well. I am still talking about you all the time here in Australia. If you ever come this way to sunny Brisbane please let me know as i would love to catch up. I have two girls Tigan is 8yrs and Tamika is 7yrs. Still married to that stud Paul, please contact me sometime if you can, I understand your very busy. would love to hear from you. Love Donna

October 16, 2014 | Posted By Seoyeon Kwon

Dear Abbagirls, I first saw you few years ago perform live at the Seoul Olympic KBS Arena; I’ve been a lifelong supporter. How exciting to see your full documentary on MBC TV recently, you do have a lot of fun, and having seen you live your show you are my number one band. Your television show was well received in Korea, you have many fans who love you. I’m a school teacher in Seoul I hope you like my English? I read that you are to return next month to perform at the Korean Hawaii our Cheju Island, please enjoy. I will continue to follow you. Much Love Seoyeon

August 23, 2014 | Posted By Dorian Tanti

During the past few years we organized concerts in our village but this was the first time we ever brought a group from overseas and it was a total success! The show that ABBAGIRLS Band did was just amazing and every person that attended to see this concert ended up having a great time. Excellent performance, great voices and wonderful costumes. Also the group members and sound engineer were really friendly and helpful regarding the things that they needed for the show. The two days that they stayed in Malta went by like a dream, they will be in our minds and hearts forever. This concert was a fundraising event for Puttinu Cares (a children’s cancer support group in Malta) and from this event the total number of donations was €2,315.35. Thank You ABBAGIRLS Band for this amazing and unforgettable show!!

June 3, 2014 | Posted By Cho-Hee Kim

KBS Hall Busan Korea. May 28th 2014. Love you and show. You sound and look like the genuine Abba. You bring happiness to our hearts. Song for Sewol: Thank you. Return soon please. Much love from us.

June 1, 2014 | Posted By Chang-He

Hello Abbagirls, I heard you on TBS Radio in Seoul, what a funny interview so we bought tickets to see you at the Gangdong Arts Theatre. What a fantastic show, you really do sound like the real Abba. Thank you so much. I am Korean and speak English

March 24, 2014 | Posted By Sharon Kent

What a weekend at Pontin's Camber Sands, some really good acts on over the 48 hour party, but have to conratulate you Abbagirls, you really do sound like the real Abba, after Stavros Flately and his son, they were the pefect warm up for you. What a weekend!