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  • Comment Link Jade Sunday, 20 January 2002 00:00 posted by Jade

    Hej everyone!

    I've never seen any other Abba tribute than Bjorn Again because I vowed that I only wanted to see the best after the first time I went to one of their gigs. However, I've heard so many good things about how vocally brilliant the Abbagirls are, I'm beginning to rethink that idea and would like to see your show. We have a bit of an ongoing topic on the Bjorn Again message board about other tributes, and the Abbagirls have come a very close second to BA (that's pretty fab considering the poll is, of course, biased to have BA at the top as we wouldn't be on the BA MB if we weren't fans). Well done Abbagirls and I hope to see you soon!

    Love, Peace, Fun and Glitter, Jade

  • Comment Link Jez Jezabell   Girls Saturday, 19 January 2002 00:00 posted by Jez Jezabell Girls

    Hello Girls, What a simply fab afternoon at the 2 sewers! Girls your awesome. What a show!

    We would love to try on your costumes. Are you really from Sweden?

    Love, Kisses, Glitter & Titter..Love you All...xxx

  • Comment Link Alison McVeigh Monday, 14 January 2002 00:00 posted by Alison McVeigh

    I love your songs and I think you are great

  • Comment Link Alex Hailes   Family Thursday, 03 January 2002 00:00 posted by Alex Hailes Family

    Hello Girls,

    We travelled upto Scotland for a traditional Scottish Hogmany at Dumfries. It was great our first New Year in Scotland, But, Your show was the highlight.

    Your show was so complete. You really made our weekend. Also girls after your show we enjoyed the Ceilidh. You can really dance!

    Great show, great Girls, Great way to see in the New Year. Love and best wishes to the two of you.

  • Comment Link Alan Tilsley   Party Wednesday, 26 December 2001 00:00 posted by Alan Tilsley Party

    Our Christmas party at The St. Mellons Hotel in Cardiff was our best ever.

    We were the party of over 70 of us, your Abba act is with out any doubt the best value for money. Fun, laughter, your costumes and your voices are first class.

    Thank you girls for the best ever Christmas bash we have ever had.

    We will see you next year.

    Love and kisses from us all.


  • Comment Link WokinghamWonder Tuesday, 18 December 2001 00:00 posted by WokinghamWonder

    Like most things, it is all about opinions. If the ABBAGIRLS are not for you, no problem, don't go and see them again.If they are doing a good job, and this message board leads me to believe they are, then they will stand or fall by their own merits. Think of it like a TV programme, if you don't like it , switch off or change channels.

  • Comment Link Abba fan Monday, 17 December 2001 00:00 posted by Abba fan

    Do You understand what am I talking about? I am not against the idea of the tribute bands, but if You do something, do it well, am I right? And if someone is trying to tell You about Your mistakes, just think that maybe this person is right.

  • Comment Link WokinghamWonder Friday, 14 December 2001 00:00 posted by WokinghamWonder

    There will never be any new ABBA songs, ever. Nor will there be a reunion or any tours or concerts. I think it is great that the various tributes are keeping the sound and sights of ABBA alive some 20 years on. No one is disputing the work the original ABBA put in or their inspired genius.The voices are unique and the songs superbly crafted and produced. As songwriters, Benny and Bjorn are up their with Lennon and McCartney. SOS for example is probably in the top ten of best POP songs ever written. Anyway, ABBAGIRLS are keeping the ABBA spirit alive and bringing it to a whole new generation who never got to see or hear the real thing. Long may it continue.

  • Comment Link Abba fan Friday, 14 December 2001 00:00 posted by Abba fan

    To those who replied me>Ha ha, of cource, only those who tell good things about this ABBAGIRLS are right, and I don

  • Comment Link Sandra Jessop Thursday, 13 December 2001 00:00 posted by Sandra Jessop

    I have seen the Abbagirls show 5 times. It's a great show with fab voices, excellent costumes and fabulous entertainment. The show has brill lights and a great sound.

    It's real family entertainment and a great cabaret night out.

    "Abba fan" you need to see this show!

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