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thank you to everybody who has added comments and praise to our messaging section. Please feel free to add any comments you have yourselves at the bottom of this page. We welcome your feedback!

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  • Comment Link The geezer birds of Wakefield Wednesday, 06 February 2002 00:00 posted by The geezer birds of Wakefield

    yo! south boy, leave these chicks to us northern girls. We'll look after them.

    they are cuteeeeeee.....

  • Comment Link Mark Davies Sunday, 03 February 2002 00:00 posted by Mark Davies

    Saw you at your gig at the fabulous Sheffield city hall. what a great venue.

    You brought back the sounds of Abba exactly how it was.

    I did not think that just the two girls would work. How wrong was I! You are simply awesome.

    Great show. Great voices. The perfect entertainment.

    Ps. your pretty and leggy but don't tell my wife I said that!

  • Comment Link South Boy Thursday, 31 January 2002 00:00 posted by South Boy

    Hi there gezzer birds So where did you see the Girls then..Us dancing queens always love the girls too.

  • Comment Link The gezzer birds of Wakrfield Wednesday, 30 January 2002 00:00 posted by The gezzer birds of Wakrfield

    Come back to Downtown soon girls..you have been the talk of the Town..you are both very cute!!

    One problem even the dancing queens fancy you! Great...great.........GREAT Night.

  • Comment Link Satin Beast Tuesday, 29 January 2002 00:00 posted by Satin Beast

    Hi Jade ! Fancy seeing you here !

  • Comment Link Aintree Maidens Monday, 28 January 2002 00:00 posted by Aintree Maidens

    What a blast we had at The Floral Hall in Southport.

    Girls, well done great show no excellent show.

    We all had such a mad bad time..thank you for the music Abbagirls..

  • Comment Link Anna Hearne Tuesday, 22 January 2002 00:00 posted by Anna Hearne

    Hey abbagirls,

    Just wanted to say you made my 21st Birthday a night to remember, you were fantastic

  • Comment Link Jade Sunday, 20 January 2002 00:00 posted by Jade

    Hej everyone!

    I've never seen any other Abba tribute than Bjorn Again because I vowed that I only wanted to see the best after the first time I went to one of their gigs. However, I've heard so many good things about how vocally brilliant the Abbagirls are, I'm beginning to rethink that idea and would like to see your show. We have a bit of an ongoing topic on the Bjorn Again message board about other tributes, and the Abbagirls have come a very close second to BA (that's pretty fab considering the poll is, of course, biased to have BA at the top as we wouldn't be on the BA MB if we weren't fans). Well done Abbagirls and I hope to see you soon!

    Love, Peace, Fun and Glitter, Jade

  • Comment Link Jez Jezabell   Girls Saturday, 19 January 2002 00:00 posted by Jez Jezabell Girls

    Hello Girls, What a simply fab afternoon at the 2 sewers! Girls your awesome. What a show!

    We would love to try on your costumes. Are you really from Sweden?

    Love, Kisses, Glitter & Titter..Love you All...xxx

  • Comment Link Alison McVeigh Monday, 14 January 2002 00:00 posted by Alison McVeigh

    I love your songs and I think you are great

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