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  • Comment Link TJ Looker Wednesday, 06 March 2002 00:00 posted by TJ Looker

    Hi there

    Well I am amazed about all this and how popular it all is, I know I am on now both message boards, But being new to all this its quite fun.


  • Comment Link Jade Wednesday, 06 March 2002 00:00 posted by Jade

    Hej! Thanks for the reply Colin; I take it by 'Frida' you mean your band's one (Kim as I've just read above) and not Abba's? Anyway, that makes them even more fab coz the band are involved all the way! I'm sooo impressed! Sorry about my email not working - no idea why I'm afraid, it's typed correctly (I'm not terribly good with computers!) I've not heard of Breen so I take it's not very close to me, but I'll be looking out for you if you ever do come to Bristol. I know I'm being nosy, but what do you do in the band if it's made of up two girls? If it's the techie stuff, you've got my ideal job!

    Love and Glitter, Jade

    Hope you didn't mind me putting the URL of the BA MB on here; I just thought that that way we'd find some more fans, and it seems to have worked the other way too with BA fans appearing here! (Hej Penny!)

  • Comment Link TJ Looker Tuesday, 05 March 2002 00:00 posted by TJ Looker

    Hi, I am new to this board..I love Bjorn Again too and I will check that site out as well. I am told I look a bit like TJ but that for whoever to say..I live in the Southampton area of the Uk and need to check out if the girls are coming this way. Nice to read all your coments about the girls. catch you all again.

  • Comment Link Penny Monday, 04 March 2002 00:00 posted by Penny

    Bjorn Again Fan-anyone who knows BA's real names automatically gets into my good books! And although I basically go to BA shows to see Robin, I can just about pass for an ABBA fan, I would like to see the Abbagirls some time! Pity I'm busy for the Derby show on May 24 :-(.

    Colin-did you try Jade's another.com address? That's now defunct.

  • Comment Link Satin Beast Monday, 04 March 2002 00:00 posted by Satin Beast

    Colin, just so you know,, Satin Beast is also Lawrence !! Remember Wokingham last year ? I am still spreading the word as Jade will testify !! See ya soon..

  • Comment Link Colin Monday, 04 March 2002 00:00 posted by Colin

    Hej Jade,

    We are in Breen soon is that far from you? Also I tried to email you but it came back to me?

    With regards to our costumes,they are all hand made by our dress maker, (we keep her locked up in the basement stiching away for hours!)But she is happy.

    Frida designed the costumes, (with help from the Lady in the basement!)

  • Comment Link Jade Sunday, 03 March 2002 00:00 posted by Jade

    "You're are indeed a true lover of"... Bjorn Again! I'm getting a bit bored of all the silly conversations on the BAMB I must admit - that's why I've moved over to here! Robin and 'the Queen' are fab, but you can't miss out the gorgeous George, TJ, Gary, Fearn, Jo, Dorina.........

    Abbagirls - I'm waiting for you to arrive in Bristol; please don't take too long!

    L&G, Jade

  • Comment Link Bjorn Again Fan Saturday, 02 March 2002 00:00 posted by Bjorn Again Fan

    have probably been persuaded to see abbagirls either in norwich or when were on hols in devonThanx for the message jade i always read BA message board but its got a bit boring lately While im here i wondered what the abbagirls think of other tributes and have they any favourites?mr scott rules by the way closely followed by queen Aileen!

  • Comment Link Jade Friday, 01 March 2002 00:00 posted by Jade

    Hej everyone! (especially Satin Beast - you gave me the link to get here remember!)

    I've not been here for a while and just read all the messages after I last posted; you have lovely fans!!

    BA fan - I'm thinking of seeing the Abbagirls too so you're not alone in being 'converted'! But I have to say, I still think I'll miss the comedy of Robin and George (BA's Benny and Bjorn) in the act. However, if you sound as fab as people say, it'll be a completely different type of show and therefore I can love both!

    Love, Peace, Fun and Glitter, Jade :p

    PS Any BA fans who'd like to join us on the message board, it's http://pub58.ezboard.com/fbjornagainfrm1

    or email me at the above address (different to the one on my last message coz another.com started charging for email). Any general Abba fans are more than welcome to come and say 'hej' too! Looking forward to seeing the Abbagirls soon - are you coming to Bristol?!

  • Comment Link Julie Dent Wednesday, 27 February 2002 00:00 posted by Julie Dent

    Bjorn Again Fan, Once these two girls make there enterence believe me you forget all about the 2 guys. These girls are simply awesome.

    A great show especially for true Abba fans, these girls have brilliant voices.

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