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  • Comment Link Rutger Satinsonn Wednesday, 20 November 2002 00:00 posted by Rutger Satinsonn

    Hej Emma, there will be loads of Bjorn Again Message Board fans at Shepherds Bush on 21st December, so come along, we are a friendly bunch AND we love the ABBAGIRLS, respect ! There will be lots of dressing up & spreading of love & Glitter. Let us know if you are going & we will meet ya there.

  • Comment Link Emma Deal Tuesday, 19 November 2002 00:00 posted by Emma Deal

    Hi Stacy!

    Glad you enjoyed the Brentwood Centre.

    Do you know of any other 'ABBA' events coming up? I know Bjorn Again aeon at The Shepherd's Bush Empire Dec 18th 19th 20th & 21st. I would like to go but haven't got anybody togo with (boo hoo!), my friends aren't as bothered or as 'into' ABBA as I am!! Would you be interested atall? Where do you live? Have you got an E-mail or mobile number for a text message and maybe we could sort something out.

    I am a member of the Official ABBA Fan Club based in The Netherlands. They have an ABBA Day every April.. Have never been to it but am thinking of going in 2003. Are you interested in that?!?! There are people from all over the world apparantly dressed up and they take along ABBA items to sell or swap and there is a ABBA disco in the evening. Sounds good.

    Let me know.


  • Comment Link Emma Deal Monday, 18 November 2002 00:00 posted by Emma Deal


    I have not actually seen the ABBA girls - yet. Must have missed the adverts for the Brentwood Centre this time round!

    I DID see Bjorn Again on Friday Nov 15th at the Brentwood Centre. They are so like the real ABBA they don't even wear wigs. The 'Agnetha' girl sounds so much like the real one and looks like her. They all have excellent voices. 'Bjorn' and 'Benny' even did Bon Jovi Living On A Prayer!! Everybody was rocking and dancing all night even though the venue wasn't as packed as before when I have seen them. They were there in March this year maybe that was why. There were old and young there last Friday. The time goes too qwik when you see them. They were excellent!!


  • Comment Link Stacy Wells Monday, 18 November 2002 00:00 posted by Stacy Wells

    Hi Emma, I was also @ Brentwood on Friday, BA was great (took my Mum & Nan! both loved it!), I also saw Abbagirls a couple of weeks ago, it was out doors @ the Brentwood Centre, the rain was horrendous. But I would say vocally Abbagirls are real brill, like listening to the real Abba. But really enjoyed both shows.

    Love & glitter Stacy xx

  • Comment Link Laura Carke Sunday, 17 November 2002 00:00 posted by Laura Carke

    Hi.I saw you in Twitchen parc in Devon.I am wondering when you are next going to Twitchen parc in Devon or Nottingham please email me back the date PS. Hope to see you soon love laura.

  • Comment Link Tony Slater Sunday, 17 November 2002 00:00 posted by Tony Slater

    Well done girls,I've now seen your show twice, last night @ Great Hadham Golf Club, I was also @ The Connought Rooms in London (The BBC Childline event). You do have a great show girls.

    Last night was probably one of he most entertaining nights out we have had, a complete act, humour, costumes, voices all amazing. I would recommend your show without any hesitation. Well done to all involved.

  • Comment Link Brian Russell Saturday, 16 November 2002 00:00 posted by Brian Russell

    I am surprised that my comments made on 15th November have stirred up so much interest. I have since been contacted directly by Bill Lincoln and replied accordingly. Finally for the record and to put the matter to bed once and for all.

    I have no flag to wave or axe to grind with either Abbagirls or Abbababes. I have booked Abbababes on occasions and Colin will confirm that I am currently in negotiation with one of my clients to book Abbagirls so no problem there! My reply was to a statement that Abbababes was a local pub act which is simply not true.

    I do feel that Bill Lincoln or anybody else is perfectly entitled to have their say but I also feel that displaying this message, certainly in the way it came across, did nothing but undermine the ability of Abbababes which I think unfair.

  • Comment Link Julie Dent Saturday, 16 November 2002 00:00 posted by Julie Dent

    Who is the best? I would say: BA 1st, Voulez Vouz 2nd, Abbagirls 3rd, Abba gold 4th. Ive seen about 20 bands!

  • Comment Link Lynette Wells Saturday, 16 November 2002 00:00 posted by Lynette Wells

    I'm a true Abba fan, I go to Sweden, for the Abba get-to-gether!Every year I attend Pontins Abba week end at Hemsby.

    Bjorn Again are No. 1. But I and many friends would put Abbagirls at No 2. This year at Hemsby's Abba weekend The Abbagirls stormed the night, way ahead of all the full bands. My friend saw the abbababes in Ipswich recently, and said they are OK, but not in the same class as Abbagirls or BA or many of the other top tributes.

    So Brian you obviously do not know what you are talking about! and you claim to book acts and you are a prominent booker! I dont think so.

  • Comment Link Bill Lincoln Saturday, 16 November 2002 00:00 posted by Bill Lincoln

    With reference to Brian Russells comments. I wrote the message on the 21st October. I have seen both acts, and a lot more full abba bands. Believe me Abbagirls are pure class.

    Brian if you are an agent? you should really listen to acts. How can you book acts with out hearing them? It does not say much for your agency!

    With reference to Abbagirls leaving messages on their message board, I would hardly think they are worried about another act? The Abbagirls are with out any doubt one of the UK's class tribute shows.

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