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Mark Dawson (Bjorn)

Started gigging at 14 and joined pre-punk band "Scum of the Earth" whilst at school, which turned into “Streamliner” with John Osborn (“Billy Karloff”) - many gigs on the London pub circuit with Iron Maiden, Heavy Metal Kids (Gary Holton) Stranglers, etc. At one gig we narrowly escaped being mauled by the resident lion on the roof of The Island Hotel, Leysdown which soon after mysteriously burnt down.

Worked at Macari's guitar shop in Charing Cross Road for 3 years - sold items to Thin Lizzy, Jack Bruce, Hank Marvin, Eric Idle, Tony McFee, Andy Fraser etc - and attended many Led Zeppelin rehearsals at ELPs Manticore studios on pretext of selling them equipment - actually just to watch in awe!

Went to ELPs Christmas party, auditioned for The Damned (didn't get it) and formed NWOBHM band “Legend” which played the Marquee several times before splitting. Recorded and worked with many artists in own studio (www.londonrecording.com ) and mixed "Motorhead Live 1983" album.

“Legend” album AD1980 was released retrospectively on CD - formed noisy rock covers band "Taste Station Zero" with fellow Abba eye candy, Ralph Raison (“Benny”) Started learning piano and joined blues band, Sneeky, on guitar then piano. Recorded several albums with musical pals, as "The Plums"

Asked at short notice to form backing band for Elvis tribute artist, Danny Fisher to fulfil gigs at the Albert Hall. Band members included the brass section "The Kick Horns" and also Shakin' Stevens drummer, Howard Tibble. Great fun to be involved in those amazing gigs!

In many of these bands, fortunate to have been joined by bass player and (occasional) Bjorn dep, Gavin Matthews.

Bought a house in Orlando near Disney to rent out, and decorated it as a "Hollywood Rock 'n Roll" themed home : www.americandreamhome.com.uk

Played (basic) piano in house band for jam nights at a Rock pub for about a year. Most unexpected gig was at a village hall, playing with the girls from Bucks Fizz who lived nearby. Joined Deep Purple tribute act “Purple” as Ritchie Blackmore to fulfil gig obligations – the band later added a Led Zeppelin set, so I shaved my chest to add Jimmy Page authenticity (!) - the band became “Purple Zeppelin" (www.purplezeppelin.com) and tour regularly.

Joined Abbagirls the Band as Bjorn (definitely the most fun gig ever!) and toured South Korea three times. The first show was broadcast live on TV to 6 million viewers, and the second tour included two gigs at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

Played guitar in the house band at various jam nights for many years, and still playing with fellow Abba, Ralph, in "The Red Hot Plums” party rock band - also formed and played in backing band for International award winning Elvis tribute, Pete Storm.

What fun!