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  • Comment Link Mike G. McDermott Friday, 03 November 2006 00:00 posted by Mike G. McDermott

    Hello again y\'all!!!

    Wow, a message from Per Gessle! Nice to see that he knows great music when he sees it (especially if it\'s from his fellow countrymen)!!! LOL

    Anyway, just a few lines to say thanks again for your set at the Panahar restaurant on Monday night, and not only was it a great set, the food surpassed itself yet again!

    I saw you all at the beginning of \"Lead Balloon\" with Jack Dee on Thursday night - that made me laugh when Jack said \"Do you do ABBA material?\"

    Talk about Gilda being vain - she was combing her blonde hair non-stop when the camera was pointing in her direction!!! LOL

    Anyway, thanks again for your set at the Panahar and I can\'t wait to see you return there very soon!

    Best wishes,

    Mike G. McDermott xxx

  • Comment Link Per Gessle Wednesday, 25 October 2006 00:00 posted by Per Gessle

    Hello all,

    Yes, me again, south-west London\'s numero uno ABBA and Abbagirls fan here again stalking the airwaves!!!

    Thanks again for your set at Airport House (how I love that place! LOL) and not only was it another brilliant set but I also survived the ravages of a young bride-to-be called Amanda and her mates on her hen night (make of that what you will)!!! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing you next Monday at the Panahar Restaurant - I\'m fasting right now as their curry dishes are to die for!!! ;-)

    Thanks again for Saturday and I\'ll see you all next week (hopefully without mad hen parties)!!!

    Abbagirls are very much like Roxette - they\'ve got The Look!!! :-)

    Best wishes to you all,

    Mike (aka Per Gessle) xxx

  • Comment Link John, Liz   Triza Monday, 23 October 2006 00:00 posted by John, Liz Triza

    Colin, Kim & Gilda

    Thank you (rather belatedly) to the Abbagirls for a fantastic evening at KR\'s Barry island on Friday 13 October, and to KR\'s for providing one of the best value venues in South Wales for a pleasant atmosphere and great music.

    All of us in the capacity crowd enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the return of the Abbagirls and Colin very soon!

    We saw you on the tv - good work!

    John, Liz & Triza

  • Comment Link Paula Adamas Saturday, 14 October 2006 00:00 posted by Paula Adamas

    Hiya stars of TV!

    We saw you last night on BBC TV with Jack Dee in Lead Balloon.

    You look great, Colin what a fab Benny.

    Loved the show. Paula

  • Comment Link Neil   Tracey Evans Thursday, 05 October 2006 00:00 posted by Neil Tracey Evans

    Hi there!

    Talking about you last night, your ears must of been burning! We had a call from Alfie at Roydon Mill. He said that your show there yesterday was fantastic. I explained that I had been talking about you to the owners (OLD) of Roydon Mill for a long time and had said how everyone says how fab you are. (Told them so!!)

    We are going to make a real effort to come and see your show over the next few weeks. Things have slowed a little since the crazy summer, we even have the odd Friday free between now and December so we are going to catch the show. I will let you know.

    We love the way people talk about your show and you as performers. And yet we have never seen it. It\'s time for a kick up the arse and see what we have been missing.

    Take care Neil & Tracey (Celine)

  • Comment Link Gill, Sadie, Liz, Sonia, Jo   Pippa Sunday, 01 October 2006 00:00 posted by Gill, Sadie, Liz, Sonia, Jo Pippa


  • Comment Link The West Family Tuesday, 19 September 2006 00:00 posted by The West Family

    Dear Abbagirls,

    Thank you for the most tremendous night out. We so enjoyed your performance at Chapel Down in Kent.

    So professional and such wonderful voices, we thought you swallowed an Abba CD you sound so much like them.

    We have no reservation in highly recommending your show.

    Well done and keep up the good work.

    The West Family

  • Comment Link Kathryn Courtney Tuesday, 05 September 2006 00:00 posted by Kathryn Courtney

    John & Liz. I only recommended the Abbagirls to the Filton Community Centre (something that my web site does is recommend bands to any one person/organisation depending on their requirements)and had nothing to do with the event organisation. All I did was promote the girls not the community centre, because tribute bands deserve publicity for the great shows they do and we need to spread the word on that. Sorry about any confusion. All the best. Kathryn

  • Comment Link John and Liz Richfield Monday, 04 September 2006 00:00 posted by John and Liz Richfield

    Hi Colin, Kim & Gilda

    Thank you for the comprehensive Abbagirls show enjoyed by all of us who ventured out on a rainy night in Filton, Bristol. No one was disappointed with the musical tour de force presented by Kim and Gilda, and the lighting, sound and disco supplied by Colin.

    It was a pleasure to see the show on such a large stage and enjoy the quality of vocal harmonies that set your act apart as one of the best.

    Thanks to you all, and to Kathryn Courtney for arranging the event on behalf of the Filton Community Centre.

    John & Liz

  • Comment Link Kathryn Courtney Sunday, 03 September 2006 00:00 posted by Kathryn Courtney

    Hi Kim Gilda & some bloke called Colin. You did a great show last night at Filton Community Centre and you have 2 new fans including my friend Emma she was very impressed! I also got some great photos too. Thanks again. All the best. Kathryn

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